Christ is my Druid..

Learn about my journey from Reformed Druidry to Celtic Christianity. Were the Magi who visited Jesus really Druids? Did the early Druids prophesy the coming of a Savior before the time of Christ? Why did so many Druids convert to Christianity, and is there room for Christian Druids in the Druid Reform?

Moving from Karma to Grace

How can we easily move from living under "the law" to living "under GRACE" in these times? What is the role of forgiveness and "cord cutting" in moving us to lives under Grace?

The New Age is Awakening!

As we heal from past religious and spiritual trauma, we all can find our way to our own personal relationship to our Creator, God, and The Universe.

Our Angels are speaking to us!

Angels are non-denominational messengers from God who are here for us all - for protection, healing, and the delivery of needed messages.

Our Dreams are a Gift!

Imagine the world we could live in if our first questions to others were not "What do you do?" - but "What do you Dream about?"

Come walk with me on a Sacred journey - Through the Labyrinth of Life

A River Between is the website of Scott Schumacher, Certified Spiritual Coach. In these pages are explorations of faith, life journeys, angels, dreams, nature, and the awakening to our Creator, God, and The Universe. Enjoy!

Hand Over Your Badge!

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Archangel Michael Beat Up My Victim

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Christ is my Druid

So yes, I’ve finally done it! I’ve replaced my old website and blog with this new one! It’s actually an old blog that’s re-invented –...

How to treat our Black Sheep Neighbors

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