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What are you tolerating in your life?

EntryI realized that I skipped around a bit with Julia Stewart’s Free Coach Training program, and completely forgot about the module – What Drives Your Client. Interestingly, it was probably the Universe or my Higher Self that allowed me to take this module right at this time.

A great exercise in this module is to List 20 things in your life that you are “tolerating.” These are the things that are happening or that you are putting up with that aren’t allowing your life to move forward, or to pull you forward.

Here’s a portion of my list.

I’m Tolerating:

  1. Not having an organized office space at home
  2. Not having enough furniture to feel I could entertain guests
  3. Not having a clean or uncluttered space to meditate or do yoga
  4. How every flat surface in my apartment starts collecting piles of paper

So, these were all environmental influences on me that were keeping me a little stuck in feeling motivated.  The clutter, disorganization, and arrangement of my living space just wasn’t in line with how I wanted to live.

Now, I have a peculiar thing about me and “cleaning” the house.  I have to do it when I’m ALONE in the house, and can’t have an audience.  Perhaps it’s a result of growing up an only child and not accepting feedback (“you missed that spot”, “Don’t do it this way”, etc), or I just have a mind that needs to quiet itself before I can dig into a complex task.  At any rate, I was lucky over the weekend to have my partner visiting his parents out of town for a day!

I’m a person who needs to be “led” to a conclusion or decision, based on experience and observation.  “Planning” and “organizing” the way others can do it, isn’t my thing.  So for about an hour I was moving my computer to different places in our 1-bedroom apartment, along with our second computer (an iMac that we use just for fun and to play music).  I’d put these things in different places, sit next to them, bring along my tape measure, think, breathe, and take breaks.

Then I thought, “You know, the iMac would be great in the kitchen for looking up recipes online.”

I took the iMac into the kitchen, and plopped it onto the kitchen table, and my whole perspective changed!

I was excited to find that our desk and kitchen table were exactly the same height off the ground!  AND.. after measuring, I found that they PERFECTLY fit together in the dining area of our kitchen, making a great “corner desk” work area.

After completing the new work space for me in the dining area of the kitchen, I began sliding bookshelves of books around the apartment.  I moved our shoe rack to the other side of the room, and opened up an entire corner of the entry/living area where I put down my yoga mat, pillows, drums, and blankets.  I then moved one of our “flat surface abyss” end-tables to the front of the room near the shoes and created a mail sorting area, and filled up the rest of the surface with a bowl of stones, a sweetgrass braid, and a small globe light that I had stored in the closet.  A brochure holder became our mail sorting rack.

Michael came home and just loved the place!  Now I stream music from the iMac in the kitchen while cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, and making kombucha!  What a difference sound can make!

Junebug CenteredIronically, (and I believe that this is how the Universe works) the next day in our apartment building’s “free stuff and give aways” area was sitting a comfy green and brown recliner.  Michael grabbed this recliner and brought it up in the morning before I woke up, and did some more “refinement” to the living room, and now the space flows and fits together even more.  We have extra seating, some new comfort, and the meditation area of the living space can also be adjusted into a reading area (we need a lamp and small table to materialize for this!).

The next day downstairs in the free givaways area was a nice low table, and I dug out of our closet a small lamp, fabric cover, a lace doile, candle, and placemat.
(Cue Twighlight Zone Music on my iMac!)

Here’s how this turned out!

So, after being pulled forward to deal with “what I was tolerating” with my environment, making the first step into the unknown (placing the iMac on the kitchen table) caused a cascade of positive effects.  Was it the Universe or Law of Attraction that placed the free chair for us downstairs in the lobby?  Did my momentum also invite my partner to engage in the process as well?  Whatever forces were at play, I’m just thrilled that within 24 hours I’m loving my living space again.  I have music in the kitchen.  I have less clutter.  We have more furniture.  I can meditate in an area again.

Most of all, our 1-Bedroom apartment feels bigger to me, because I’m traveling through it from the kitchen/office to the bathroom, to the bedroom, and I’m using the “whole” space.  I’m no longer just in the living room with all the disorganization and clutter.  What’s also so great about this?  It didn’t have to buy anything! There’s the power of FREE at work!

Now onto the next things I’m “tolerating” in life!

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