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“Into the Cosmic Juicy Forest”


Now that Summer is coming into full swing, I thought I would give free readings from some of my favorite decks that really work well together.


I’ll be pulling three cards, one each from the following decks:



Once booked, I’ll send you your video reading with a link to your email address provided. Readings are approximately 10 minutes, and confidentiality is assured.


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I’m Scott Schumacher, and I’m an Intuitive Coach and Certified Angel Card Reader living in Minnesota. I help people who are highly creative and highly intuitive – who have passion and purpose and a vision to change the world. I help them navigate through and embrace their gifts, helping them find out what their true purpose might be. I talk cosmic stuff and challenge the status quo, because we deserve to be nothing less than the hugely bright stars in the Universe that we ARE. Not afraid of the “woo-woo” topics. I say, “Bring it on!” For more information, visit my website –

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