My Mission

Interrupt the Broadcast
and Shatter the Illusions

Intuitive Dream Walker

Throughout much of my life, since age 15, I have had many “epic” dreams.  I’ve come to believe that my dreams show me REAL spaces, REAL environments, and REAL events which happen in the astral AND waking worlds.  I’ve often walked in the Dream Space as an active participant, protector, and “fixer” for myself and others…

Spiritual Director

Similar to “coaching” – but DIFFERENT.  As a Spiritual Director, my role is to companion you in your discernment of where the “Third Hand” of God/Source/The Universe is working in your life.  We explore the deeper Soul connections and meanings in our experiences, struggles, curiosities, and longings.  We can travel to cosmic, spiritual, or supernatural realms…

Aspects of My Work

Dream Walking and Companioning

Dream Coaching, Interpretation, and Dreaming for others

Spiritual Direction

For Individuals, Intuitives, Indigos, Couples, LGBTQ+

Angel and Oracle Card Readings

Email, Video Conferencing, or Events

Intuitive Mentoring

A Listener and “Believing Mirror” for your Spiritual Longings and Gifts

Recent videos

What Drives me

My Mission and Calling

I believe that there is a crisis of Spirit in our current culture.  We are more polarized and more divided than ever.  It’s time to turn inward, “quit” those things that no longer serve us, and to fully realize and embrace that we are all the embodiment of NOTHING LESS than cosmic, interdimensional, and spiritual Divinity.

It is time for all who identify as “Indigos” to awaken, be present, and to
change the world.


A collaborative project with Rita Roberts and Scott Schumacher.  Learn what it Means to Serve, the Big Lie, and our Big Why.

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