The Greenwood Tarot – The Rare “Holy Grail” of Tarot

[Video Included] To me, The Greenwood Tarot is both an investment as a collector, and also one of THE BEST cards to read. The images by Chesca Potter are evocative, and the system that was created was revolutionary in the Tarot-sphere at the time. I’ve recently obtained a 2nd deck, and I’ll be reading from it regularly now! Continue reading

Are you an Indigo?

Whatever you may believe, as a general term, “Indigos” or “Starseeds” can refer to those children and adults who are more “awakened” or “tuned-in” or perhaps opened up to a more spiritual life paradigm. Many times those more familiar with their own intuitive abilities identify with the Indigo Children/Adult “label” or paradigm. Are you an Indigo? Continue reading

Take the Paranormal Pledge with me!

I’ve been very inspired by the work of Heidi Hollis, founder of, in her efforts to “get people talking” about their paranormal experiences. I’m in total agreement with Heidi. We should all take the pledge to tell at least one person about our paranormal experiences, as there is much we can learn from one another by “bringing things into the light” and sharing with one another. Continue reading