DreamsIf you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I take my dreams very seriously.  I often joke to my friend, Rita Roberts, saying, “Who needs a ‘coach’ when you can just go to sleep and have a dream?!”

For me, it’s very true.  My dreams are my mentors which teach me many cosmic and life lessons.  I wanted to share this one with you, and why I’m going to go on a spree of giving away MANY MORE free readings!

But first… Every Friday in October I’ll be giving away up to 20 free readings per week!  I’ll be reviving my “Cosmic Juicy Angels” readings once again for this, as well as my “Cosmic Forest of Abundance” series of readings!  Check back every Friday in October..and maybe longer for a link to submit your question for your reading!

I’m also keeping all other paid readings and services at half price for a while!

But.. back to my dream!

I often dream about high school and how I was quite the over-achiever, feeling bored with my studies, and wanting to graduate early.  Even in real life I was accepted to The University of Iowa the summer before my senior year of high school, based on my ACT/SAT scores.  I almost skipped a grade once, and nearly graduated a semester early at 17, but chose to stay because I wanted to take a full year of Art and Spanish classes (really!).

So in my dream, I’m going to the principal’s office and I’m pleading my case.  I’m just one credit away from graduating early, and I feel I need to go out and see the world beyond the school building.

The principal listens to me, then goes back into a room where all of the faculty are gathered, where they deliberate my readiness to graduate.

After a few minutes, smiling, the principal brings back a sheet of paper, a contract, for me to sign. 

“We’ve agreed to let you graduate early!  We do have some conditions, and we’d like you to sign this agreement.”

“Of course!  What are you proposing?” I say.

“You have one more course to complete in the field called ‘Presence and Perception’, and we’d like you to ‘show up’ one day per week.  We’re also giving you a $5000 loan that we’d like you to repay through your work in the world.  If you agree to this, you can graduate early!”

“Sign here.”

And I did.

So for the past week I’ve been deliberating just what to do with all of this.  I even thought of creating a course on dreams called “Presence and Perception” but I’m now thankful that there were no takers.  As much as I resist it, my faculty has spoken, and I have a $5000 loan to pay back to the cosmos and the inner-planes mentors who have entrusted me with my graduation.

So that is 200 FREE READINGS (based on my regular price).

I’m also leaving my paid services at half price until I’ve given away a cumulative “$5000” of free and discounted offerings.

I can keep my coffee tips or I can donate those as well, to some kind of other “love economy” cause or action.  It’s been my practice to go to farmers markets to pay for veggies and goods there at least once per week instead of going to the larger grocery chains.  I also love to buy goods locally from home bakers and others directly engaged in “loving economy” activities.

My friend Rita has learned that, the proper “love economy” relies on these principles:

  1.  It benefits me to give the service. 
    (I get to ‘graduate’ and gain even more practical experience!)
  2.  It benefits the receiver. 
    (Others receive compassion and gifts of possibility with the very questions of their lives.)
  3.  It is sustainable and has the possibility to multiply and be given beyond if used properly.
    (If taken to heart, receivers of my readings can shift their thinking to know that they are truly cosmic beings, and then take their own actions of love!)
  4.  It is rooted in truth. 
    (I approach my readings from a position of Serving Love and expanding consciousness.  We are more than who we think we are, which I believe is the truest statement I can say about humanity.)

So this is my “internship” that’s called “Presence and Perception” – and my dreams have never failed me.  I’m not about to go against these “mentors” now, simply for my own material gain.

So I hope you all can join me in my quest for early graduation!  I will endeavor to serve you all with the greatest intent of love!

200 Free Readings until I’m finished, or $5000 in donated service (with allowances for ‘love economy’ uses for my tips if I choose!).

Keep checking back, especially on Fridays, to see my course progress!  Help me pay back my $5000 ‘Cosmic Loan’.  It’s free or discounted for you until that is fulfilled!

As always, all my love your way!