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Scott SchumacherHello! I’m Scott Schumacher, and I want to welcome you to my website, NorthernDruid.net. Through my blog and subsequent pages, I hope to impart some knowledge and ignite your curiosity about the natural world, your own spirituality, and how amazing you are!

I was raised in Iowa and have spent most of my life living in the Upper Midwest.  From an early age I understood the value of living a sustainable life.  My father built his own solar panels on the side of our house in 1980.  We gardened, canned food, and explored the wilds of nature through regular camping while I grew up.  Since 1996, I’ve lived in Minnesota (with brief stopovers in California and Wisconsin), and today I live in Northfield, Minnesota with my wonder-dog Junebug.  She’s with me now half-time, and the other half with her “other daddy” in Northern Minnesota.


I’ve been a singer since about age 9, and still sing regularly (I’m a classically trained tenor!).  In 1996 I made the conscious choice to become antibiotic-free in my treatment for constant recurring strep infections, which led to a lifestyle of now over 20 years being antibiotic and prescription drug free.  Western and Chinese herbs are always my first defense in any illness, and I have regularly sought treatments through Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic Care, and Acupuncture.  Since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to live to be 100.  My intent is to do so by living a holistic lifestyle, which I believe we were designed to live in order to fully thrive.

I make my living currently as a small business consultant and web designer to many independent holistic practitioners, massage therapists, hypnotherapists, sound healers, etc.  From 1999 to 2010 I practiced Massage Therapy, but have now specialized in Reiki, Acupressure, and many forms of Energy Healing Bodywork.  I’m crazy about Tennis and Yoga, and at the time of this writing, at age 48, I feel more youthful than any time in my life.  Losing 60 pounds after a divorce helped, of course.  I live simply in a 2-bedroom apartment, surrounded mostly by books, massage tables, singing bowls, yoga mats and accessories, cooking implements, and a few pieces of technology.  A future goal of mine is to become a Certified Yoga Teacher at some point, so that I can bring this gift to others, as it has helped me in such profound ways.

The History of NorthernDruid and it’s “Return”

NorthernDruid.net was a very active website between 2005 and 2014.  It had an active blog and a semi-regular podcast.  Starting about 2013, I embarked on a new spiritual journey that would culminate with my reconciling my background growing up as a Christian to my evolving love for nature, Druidry, and aspects of Traditional Celtic Spirituality (some would call these more “Pagan” practices).

As I began healing wounds and reconciling my experiences of the past, there was a time where I walked away from this website (or “persona”) to explore Christianity much more.  I became active in my church, and had learned about Angels and became a Certified Angel Card Reader.  I drew closer to the man, Jesus, and his teachings, yet all the while I felt that my “church” was nature, and that I felt closest to God when I sat under a tall oak, or sat at the banks of rivers and lakes.

In 2015, I made a discovery that would bring me full circle.  A cousin of mine had found through genealogical research, that I had a distant relative from Scotland from the 1800s.  I took it upon myself to research this ancestor more, and found that Rebecca Pettiecord was the granddaughter of a man named James Malcolm, who lived in the Forfarshire district of Scotland (now known as Forfar in Angus) in the mid-1700s.

At that time in Scottish history, the system of clans was breaking apart under rulings from the British government.  I found that those who were descendants of “Clan Malcolm” traditionally believed that they were the direct descendants of Columcille, or Saint Columba.

Columba was known as the first missionary to bring Christianity to Scotland’s Isle of Iona in the 6th century.  He was known as a “friend to the Druids” of his time, and even interceded in a legal matter that would result in non-criminalization by the church of some of the pagan practices of the Druids.  Columba was the founder of the Abby on the Isle of Iona, and as one enters, the prominent quote from Saint Columba greets them on a plaque – his poem, proclaiming “Christ is my Druid.”

Many of the Celts converted to Christianity willingly, believing that the coming of Christ was in fact also “their New Testament” and progression of their spirituality.  But, the Synod of Whitby in 664 would put an end to the Celtic Christian notions of “Original Blessing” and “Listening to the Heart of Jesus” and the mystical melding of practices – Christian and Pagan, which blended naturally and peacefully for nearly two centuries in Ireland and Scotland.

Through more reflection, time, a divorce from a man whom I thought would be my soulmate until my death, and a lot of soul-searching, this “Reconcilliation” of the parts of my spiritual faith is now at a peaceful place.  I’ve re-embraced my Northern Druid “moniker”, but in a new way.  Now, as a Druid who loves and appreciates the teachings of Jesus AS WELL as the mystical Celtic traditions. I’m now more a “Celtic Christian” and a fierce defender of religious freedom, and I believe that we are all our first authority in our Spiritual Life. I believe too, that there is space enough in both Christianity and Druidry for me to allow me to “walk between the worlds” without dishonoring either paradigm.

So once again, spiritually, I consider myself an Earth-Loving-New-Age-Christian-Unitarian and Celtic Druid.  I’ve always been “out of the box” in my life as an individual – respecting the gifts of human diversity, supporting equal rights for all people, being a steward of the land – yet at the same time holding fast to the values of freedom, liberty, self-reliance, personal responsibility, health freedom, school choice, and the right to determine one’s own destiny.  These days however, I distance myself from the seemingly new “religion of politics.”  If we as human beings have the hope to ever awaken as a collective to know deeply that “we are one” – we MUST NOT feed into the polarization game that is politics in our current culture.  I would rather wrangle with the issues, disagree peacefully, inquire, learn, and understand a person’s perspective, and simply love them as a fellow human, than to close off my mind, dishonor them, or ridicule them because we disagree.

I believe that all of us are born with an intuitive sense, a connection to the natural world, and the right to our own personal definition of spirituality. Even in the realm of Druidry, I believe that one’s own definition is “their own right definition”. Only a love of Nature is required.

So whether you’re a person who likes yoga and meditation, hunting or fishing, hiking and biking, canning and cooking, herbalism and beer brewing, sustainable living and off-grid survival, I’m here to (hopefully) be of service to you! I hope you like the website and the offerings here!  It feels so good to be back!

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