About Me

Greetings, traveler!

My name is Scott Schumacher, and I want to warmly welcome you to my site, Northern Druid.  Like the spiraling path of a labyrinth, my life has been a profound journey that has led me to my “opening up” to stepping into being a Spiritual Director and an Intuitive.

I’ve spent much of my life walking between many worlds – listening to the voice of my Creator/Source/God/Universe for profound and creative answers to life’s many questions.  As an eclectic life-long learner, I’ve been a classically trained vocalist, a leader and mentor for students, a creative IT specialist, web designer, and certified Life, Spiritual, and Assertiveness Coach.  I also spent two years in my 20s working on a suicide crisis phone line.  Later in my 20s I found myself reading Tarot professionally for a popular psychic phone line (I had to tell my family I was providing ‘crisis counseling’ while doing so!).

Nowadays, I’m currently a self-employed “Holistic Entreprenuer” who earns his livelihood doing Web Design, Coaching, and Spiritual Direction.

While there are many definitions, to me, a Spiritual Director is a guide, mentor, or companion on your spiritual journey.  It involves deep listening, reflection, and the recognition of the “Third Presence” of God, The Universe, Source (whatever names we attach), and how we are being “led” to be or to act.  Through approaching our lives with love and service to this third presence, we can work in tandem with it, to “multiply” the co-creative process of ever continuing Creation.

I’m a firm believer in the Cosmic, Inter-dimensional, and Eternal Soul.  We affect the cosmos, and our energy, intentions, intuition, and gifts are all manifestations of this Cosmic Soul.

As an intuitive, my greatest “gift” that I work with is that of actively engaging with the Dream World.  Since the age of 15, I’ve had countless dreams of realt-ime events happening in the world, predictive “visionary” dreams, and other “dream walking” experiences which have validated my belief that we indeed step into an extra-dimensional space when we dream.  This is a realm which is as real as the “waking” world.

I’m often thought of as a “Jason Bourne of the dream space” or a “Cosmic Fixer” because the “fixing” I do in dreams often has an effect in the waking reality.

In general, I help people who are highly creative, courageous, and intuitive – who have passion and purpose and a vision to change the world. I help them navigate through and embrace their gifts, helping them find out what their true purpose/passion might be. I sometimes also talk cosmic stuff and challenge the status quo, because we deserve to be nothing less than the hugely bright stars in the Universe that we ARE. Not afraid of the “woo-woo” topics. I say, “Bring it on!” I’m here to journey with you as you face soul-level questions and curiosities.