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Free Readings for Autumn Equinox!

Here is the link below to register for your free reading. If I have passed the number of free readings I can handle for the day, I will post a link to register a 50% off 10-minute video reading.

You will be sent an email within 24 hours after booking your reading which contains a link to a video of your 3-card reading!

Again, the Faeries this time are requesting DEEPER questions. Please, no surface questions about general topics of “Will I find my soul mate?”, “Will my house sell?”, “What’s my next career move?” Dig deeper into your soul’s journey with a compelling question.

Blessings and Love,

Upcoming free reading series

I’ll be giving 30 free readings over the Autumnal Equinox – 15 on September 21 and 15 on September 22. Come back to the website on September 21 for a new blog post with a button where you can register for your reading. This will be a video email reading. You will send your question and email address through the link and form provided, then I will send you your reading via a loom video link in your email.

More information in this video:

Leaving Coaching and Embracing Spiritual Direction

water ceremonyYou’ve probably noticed it.

I’ve eliminated almost all instances of the word “Coaching” from this website, my services, or how I define myself and what I do.

So I wanted to take the time to explain why I’ve decided to embrace and wear the title of “Spiritual Director” and set myself apart from the “coaching” industry as a whole.

First, let’s explain what Spiritual Direction is and what a Spiritual Director does (and this is my own definition).

A basic definition or core aspect of Spiritual Direction is that of companioning another on a journey.  The older Celtic notions of the “Soul Friend” apply to Spiritual Direction.  A Spiritual Director walks beside another person – in tandem – reflecting and illuminating those instances where Spirit/Source/The Universe, or God (whatever definition you have for the Divine) is showing him/her/itself throughout your experience.

It’s not about our own achievement.  We get quiet.  We find the spaces of ease in our life, the spaces of peace, silence, discovery, and clarity that show us that we are CONNECTED to the Divine.  We discover that we are sacred, interdimensional, even cosmic beings.  We go beyond the “niches” that many in the coaching industry place us in.

The Big Four Niches:

  • Getting Paid (Wealth and Money achievement)
  • Getting Laid (Sex, Relationships, Dating)
  • Expensive Hobbies (Achievements/Attainments or the material achievements we feel make us happy)
  • Not Dying (Health, Weight Loss, Longevity, “Beating” aging)

Those niches are heavy.  Plus, they do not describe our fullness in the presence of the Divine in our lives.   Plus, I learned early on that when you want to “HELP” as a coach, it distracts from ones own inner journey.

NOBODY WANTS YOUR ‘HELP’!   You must change first!

soul friendConversations in a Spiritual Direction Session are deeper, more spiritual, more existential.  We explore our relationship to our own consciousness.  We find the places where breakdowns and dismantlements may be happening, and instead of solving or avoiding them, we open and allow our breakdowns to happen as a holy and sacred act of “change ME first.”

The results go beyond the niches of achievement.  We get to be who we came to be on this Earth.  We get to own our courage and witness the third hand of the Divine working in our lives.  We go inward and face ourselves.  A Spiritual Director is a companion in this journey.

But.. Scott.. Do you have Spiritual Direction Training??

As for me, stepping into this “definition” was one of ease and allowing.  I’m embracing all of my training, education, and self-directed inquiry so that I may comfortably call myself a Spiritual Director.  If you get to know me, you’ll find out that I regard degrees and certifications more as “disguises” than “qualifications” to be in the rooms we wish to be.  I’m confident in my qualifications.  This list is just for information – there are no uniform standards of training for Spiritual Directors:

  • A Master of Arts Degree program in Human Development that was 90% self-designed.
    I completed courses entitled Psychological Transformation and the Spiritual Journey, How Can I Keep From Singing?, Art and Spirit in Nature, Creativity and Holistic Health, Grace and Faith, Closing the School of Assassins (a pilgrimage to the School of the Americas protest), Uncovering the Sacred Northland (an exploration of the Waters, Woods, People and Places of Northern Minnesota – plus attending the Sisters of the Earth annual conference), as well as winning the Outstanding Graduate Paper award for my final paper – A River Between:  Scandalous Learning, Grace, and Creative Recovery.
  • Having my own relationship with a Soul Friend conversational companion (for almost a year now) with Rita Roberts (find out more at
  • Other experiences, trainings, and certifications.
    550 hours of Massage/Bodywork/Energy Healing ongoing training
    A 50 hour Meditation Instructor Certification course
    Four coaching certifications
    Angel Card Reading certification
    A year of professional tarot reading
    20+ years as a Reiki Healing Practitioner and Reiki Master
    10+ years of journaling my dreams and sharing in a local Dream Group
    40 hours of Crisis Counselor training and 2 years work on a suicide crisis line

Like the coaching industry, there is no standard curriculum for Spiritual Directors.  We bring the totality of our unique experience into our practice as we companion others on their spiritual journey.  I may be more of a “Cosmic” Spiritual Director rather than an Ignatian/Catholic or Buddhist practitioner.  However, I share in the tradition that Spiritual Direction is a meditative, reflective, and contemplative doorway into our Soul’s journey of meaning and purpose.

I do identify as a Christian, though not one of “religious” dogma.  The original Celtic Christians knew the value of “Belonging First” before spreading the message of Christ.  As we are, WE BELONG.  What a beautiful departure from our current religious dogma paradigms.

Let’s shatter those paradigms, because I truly believe that we belong to each other.  We are Spirits having an earthly journey – looking for others who share in the journey.

I hope this helps to clarify my shift into Spiritual Direction and what that means to me.

Love to all,

Mother Earth’s Cupboard with Stacey Quade

It’s always a pleasure to give away great content and information!

This month’s giveaway is an hour-long class on Herbal Wellness, where Stacey Quade, Herbalist and Healing Touch Practitioner, takes us through some easy practices and common herbs for wellness that many of us have in our own kitchens. 

Sign up below to be taken to the class and downloads immediately!

Tarot vs Oracle Cards

Do you like Tarot cards or do you like Oracles?
Do you like both?
Are you a fan of the The Rider Tarot Deck?
Are you more of an Angel Card Reader?
Have you taken an Angel Tarot Certification Course perhaps?

Believe me, there can be heated debates about which is better – tarot or oracle!

How you learned to read cards and your own personal approach can have a strong influence on this question.

If you’re like me, you like to keep your options totally open, and reading cards is just an extension of your intuitive capabilities.  I myself learned the system of Tarot from very non-traditional decks, namely The Greenwood Tarot and The Wildwood Tarot, which largely are based more on the Wheel of the Year, rather than a traditional tarot system.  I’m also a total art-hound, and the artwork of Chesca Potter and Will Worthington just resonates with my longing for the “wild woods” and nature.

I’m also a fan of cards that expand my idea of our role in the cosmos.  I’m now totally in love with decks from Rockpool Publishing – The Cosmic Reading Cards by Nari Anastarsia, and Sacred Power Reading Cards by Anna Stark.  I may even mix them together when I read from from them (a very dangerous practice for any strict tarot enthusiast).

But in all seriousness, I hope that you enjoy the video below from my youtube channel. Enjoy!

Breathing in the Winter Solstice

I feel as if I’ve made about a year of progress with Northern Druid, even though I only just re-launched the website on October 12. The energy has been fast, and I feel as if I’ve found a tunnel of light in the darkness between Samhain and the Winter Solstice, that has motivated me on so many levels.

But today, I’m beginning to settle and quiet. While I’m still working and writing continually, I have more of a gracious thought pattern that seems to be ever forward in my mind. I notice the small patches of snow contrasting against grass that is ever expectant and hopeful to green once again. The warmer days have given rise to me taking my dog to the nearby campus green areas to let her run free as she did before winter descended.

There have been special gifts like these, just showing up daily, and I’ve been pausing more, lest I forget to grab the next possibility moment, recognize it, give thanks, and integrate it. My dreams have been vivid and sometimes wild.

With the coming of the Winter Solstice, I truly hope that all who read this can take the time to breathe. Just breathe. This season of coldness, darkness giving way to light, and the stillness that sometimes surrounds, is indeed VERY special. That STILL EXPECTANCY is so rarely felt in my opinion. It’s incredibly healing for me.

I wanted to share some great video finds with you all. These gems have given me permission to bask in this stillness, and also feel great joy. I hope you enjoy them too.

Happy Yule. Merry Christmas. Happy Solstice. Blessed Be.

A Winter’s Journey with the Reindeer

As a metaphor from the migration we face from darkness to light as the Winter Solstice approaches, I invite you to take a journey into the deep woods with your guides. In this guided meditation, which I wrote in 2009, you will learn about the Caribou and witness their migration and journey along their path. We journey with the Caribou, or Reindeer, as we too anticipate the coming light on the Winter Solstice.

Our planet is journeying through the cosmos as well – catapulting around our sun, which travels along its path in the galaxy at over 20,000 kilometers per hour. There are many cosmic connections to our Wheel of the Year.

Please enjoy this free gift of the Winter Solstice Migration of the Reindeer. You will be taken directly to the page to listen and download after signing up!

The Greenwood Tarot – The Rare “Holy Grail” of Tarot

I thought I’d share great news with everyone! I’ve recently obtained another stand-alone deck of The Greenwood Tarot – meaning that with this 2nd deck, I’ll be reading from The Greenwood Tarot on a regular basis now, while archiving my complete box set. If you are at all a follower or collector of Tarot cards, you know that The Greenwood Tarot, being out of print and rare to find, is the “holy grail” of cards to own or collect. It’s not unusual to see a pristine, never-opened box set (cards, wheel of the year chart, and book), to sell for up to $1500 (US). On average, you can occasionally find these decks for between $400 – $600 or more.

To me, The Greenwood Tarot is both an investment as a collector, and also one of THE BEST cards to read. The images by Chesca Potter are evocative, and the system that was created was revolutionary in the Tarot-sphere at the time.

These 78 cards follow the Wheel of the Year in the Celtic calendar (Solstices, Equinoxes, and Cross-Quarter Holidays), and explore concepts of “pre-Celtic shamanism” with its images and themes.

I recently made a video where I talk about The Greenwood Tarot, compare its themes with the new Wildwood Tarot, and show many of the cards. I hope you enjoy it!

Are you an Indigo?

Watch my reading from the Indigo Angels Oracle cards here!

According to Wikipedia, The term “Indigo Children” was first coined in 1970 by Nancy Ann Tappe, in her book Understanding Your Life Through Color. During the mid-1960s she began noticing that many children were being born with what she described as “indigo auras” that she could see. Tappe’s first observations led the popular 1998 book, The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived by Lee Carol and Jan Tober.

Indigo children and adults have been characterized as “the new children” in New Age circles. These “indigos” share some common characteristics.

Descriptions of indigo children include that they:

  • Are empathetic, curious, and strong-willed
  • Are often perceived by friends and family as being strange
  • Possess a clear sense of self-definition and purpose
  • Show a strong innate subconscious spirituality from early childhood
  • Have a strong feeling of entitlement, or deserving to be here

Other alleged traits include:

  • High intelligence quotient
  • An inherent  or natural intuitive ability
  • Resistance to rigid, control-based paradigms of authority

Today we often hear the terms, “Starseeds”, “Rainbow Children”, or “Crystal Children” to describe the possible ever-changing “evolution” of this Indigo Energy on Earth. Some also believe that these “Starseed Children” may have been seeded on Earth by Angels, Heaven, or even friendly Inter-dimensional or Extra-terrestrial beings.

Whatever you may believe, as a general term, “Indigos” or “Starseeds” can refer to those children and adults who are more “awakened” or “tuned-in” or perhaps opened up to a more spiritual life paradigm. Many times those more familiar with their own intuitive abilities identify with the Indigo Children/Adult “label” or paradigm.

Perhaps you resonate with this term, or perhaps you think it is total psuedoscience. Maybe you believe that as a human being, these traits are in all of us, just waiting to be unlocked. Even if you identify as a Christian, you may simply see these traits as “gifts of the Holy Spirit” that we all have.

At any rate, I wanted to give you an introduction to this concept, because perhaps someone reading needed this information because they couldn’t quite put a “label” on how different they might feel. You may embrace the term “indigo” or not, but I hope that the videos I share with this post are also enlightening and helpful.

The New Children, Indigo Children, Crystal Children

The Amazing Story of Akaine Kramarik

Indigo Revolution – Doreen Virtue