I feel as if I’ve made about a year of progress with Northern Druid, even though I only just re-launched the website on October 12. The energy has been fast, and I feel as if I’ve found a tunnel of light in the darkness between Samhain and the Winter Solstice, that has motivated me on so many levels.

But today, I’m beginning to settle and quiet. While I’m still working and writing continually, I have more of a gracious thought pattern that seems to be ever forward in my mind. I notice the small patches of snow contrasting against grass that is ever expectant and hopeful to green once again. The warmer days have given rise to me taking my dog to the nearby campus green areas to let her run free as she did before winter descended.

There have been special gifts like these, just showing up daily, and I’ve been pausing more, lest I forget to grab the next possibility moment, recognize it, give thanks, and integrate it. My dreams have been vivid and sometimes wild.

With the coming of the Winter Solstice, I truly hope that all who read this can take the time to breathe. Just breathe. This season of coldness, darkness giving way to light, and the stillness that sometimes surrounds, is indeed VERY special. That STILL EXPECTANCY is so rarely felt in my opinion. It’s incredibly healing for me.

I wanted to share some great video finds with you all. These gems have given me permission to bask in this stillness, and also feel great joy. I hope you enjoy them too.

Happy Yule. Merry Christmas. Happy Solstice. Blessed Be.