Mother Earth’s Cupboard with Stacey Quade

This month’s giveaway is an hour-long class on Herbal Wellness, where Stacey Quade, Herbalist and Healing Touch Practitioner, takes us through some easy practices and common herbs for wellness that many of us have in our kitchens. Enjoy a great discussion about holistic health and wellness and also download a free herb guide from Stacey! Continue reading

Tarot vs Oracle Cards

Do you like Tarot cards or do you like Oracles? Do you like both? Are you a strict Rider-Waite method reader? Many heated debates can be had in the realm of Tarot vs Oracle Cards. Largely it depends on your own personal preference. Enjoy a video posting I made on this subject that is both fun and serious, and learn about my own preferences. Continue reading

Breathing in the Winter Solstice

With the coming of the Winter Solstice, I truly hope that all who read this can take the time to breathe. Just breathe. This season of coldness, darkness giving way to light, and the stillness that sometimes surrounds, is indeed VERY special. That STILL EXPECTANCY is so rarely felt in my opinion. Continue reading

A Winter’s Journey with the Reindeer

>As a metaphor from the migration we face from darkness to light as the Winter Solstice approaches, I invite you to take a journey into the deep woods with your guides. In this guided meditation, which I wrote in 2009, you will learn about the Caribou and witness their migration and journey along their path. We journey with the Caribou, or Reindeer, as we too anticipate the coming light on the Winter Solstice. Continue reading

The Greenwood Tarot – The Rare “Holy Grail” of Tarot

[Video Included] To me, The Greenwood Tarot is both an investment as a collector, and also one of THE BEST cards to read. The images by Chesca Potter are evocative, and the system that was created was revolutionary in the Tarot-sphere at the time. I’ve recently obtained a 2nd deck, and I’ll be reading from it regularly now! Continue reading

Are you an Indigo?

Whatever you may believe, as a general term, “Indigos” or “Starseeds” can refer to those children and adults who are more “awakened” or “tuned-in” or perhaps opened up to a more spiritual life paradigm. Many times those more familiar with their own intuitive abilities identify with the Indigo Children/Adult “label” or paradigm. Are you an Indigo? Continue reading