Dream Companioning

I believe that dreams are a gateway.

Since my teenage years, I’ve had countless dreams that I describe as “epic” visions and messages.  In some dreams I am a “Jason Bourne” type of “fixer” on behalf of others.  Many dreams take the form of supernatural visions that I have found evidence of their significance in the waking world.  As well, many other dreams have helped to inform my discernment and decision making.  For me, I’ve found that dreams offer us an opportunity to receive information and guidance from the astral realms.

Even if we feel that dreams simply focus our subconscious thoughts and desires, it is MY belief that this subconscious landscape is real.  When we dream, our brains react to perceived stimuli in the same way as when we receive information through our senses while awake.  The brain sees no difference.

It’s my belief that we can have VERY REAL experiences in VERY REAL places while traversing the multiverse found in dreams.

Because dreams can provide intuitive and spiritual insights into our thoughts along our journey, I work with them in almost every Spiritual Direction session or activity.  Some are exclusive to dreams, while others draw upon dreams as another source of intuituve inspiration and EVIDENCE of the Third Hand of God/Universe/Source working in our lives.

Dream Walking

Soul Circle by Rita Roberts

A growing specialty of mine is what I call Dream Walking, where I travel into the dreamspace to bring back information or to take action for another person in the astral realm.  Some of the experiences I’ve had as a Dream Walker include:

  • Identifying angels, guides, and astral ancestors who can bring information.
  • Calming (and sometimes eradicating) negative entities which may be attached to a person.
  • Communication with and receiving messages from the spirit realm
  • Identifying the energetic and interdimensional aspects of another person’s conflict or situation.

Dream Companioning is deep and intuitive work.  It requires me to continually pay attention to messages, track and journal the experiences, and also use techniques to “travel back” into the landscapes of their origin to continually serve them.

I also often host group workshops and online mastermind groups on how to work intuitively with dreams.  Topics here often include:

  • Community Dreaming and Dream Groups
  • Keeping a Dream Journal
  • How to identify Secular or Spiritual dreams
  • How to “re-enter” into a previous dream
  • “Mining” our dreams and using them as intuitive sources for information
  • Dreams and quantum reality
  • How to search and find evidence for our dreams in the waking world