Druidic Reconciliation

A Call for Reconciliation in the Druid Community

I realize that my reconciliation with Druidry and Christianity may not sit well with others in the Druidic “community”, and to that I can only say, “Please trust the process of possibility, as I have trusted it, to bring me to my understanding of my own Spiritual Path.”  My path is not the only path, nor should it be.  Ultimately, we ALL walk our path singularly and alone, with or without community around us.  Many of us who consider ourselves to be “Druids” also have felt as if the Christian Church has judged us unfairly, and has caused many people much pain.  And it has!  Much damage has been done by “followers of Christ” and is often still done.  This energy is NOT what I wish to be a part of when I say that I consider myself to be a Christian.  I have no want or need to convert anyone, nor do I believe that my belief in God or Jesus warrants me to.  I am simply called “To love my neighbor” and to walk a path as a Soul Friend, making friendship, welcoming, understanding, and community my primary purpose. I understand however, that as I walk this path, there is an energetic responsibility that I may have to carry, to show others genuinely in my words and deeds, the type of Christian ethics I claim to have. Not all of my ancestors were wise, and many of them carried out painful and traumatic actions against others.

With that, to others in the Druid Community in the past whom I may have offended or have used my words in a way that caused you pain, I apologize, and ask for your forgiveness.  It is not how I hold you in my heart today.  I’m sorry.

As a larger goal, notion, or hope, I wish to spend as much energy as I can to help mend the fences between what is sometimes a fragmented Druidic community.  Now more than ever we need common ground and a sense of Unity in our Diversity.  We need to celebrate this, and hold one another closely in our hearts.

There is much work to do at this time of our human existence.  We are polarized politically, inequality in many forms still exists, and our planet is undergoing shifts and changes never before seen, and many due to our human negligence.  We worry more about the colleges our children will attend than if they’ve spent enough time in Nature.  The skills, customs, languages, and wisdom of our ancestors are all disappearing as we cling to structures in society that I believe are temporary, artificial, and meant to commodify and measure worth in dollar signs and false meritocracy.  It is my hope that through our work of forgiveness and reconciliation within the Druid Community, that we can start coming together for a greater common purpose!