So much change and transition has happened

The long and short of this post is simple – I’m “retiring” from marketing myself for ANY service as a self-employed practitioner. God and the Universe are my marketing directors, and in general, my intuitive guides are saying to me:

“Scott, it’s time to REST. You have done your work. Let those who are swimming to the shores of Love and Truth find you, and work with them as you wish – and only those people. For the masses in the mainstream, you should be unavailable. You should RETIRE.”

After the holidays and upon returning from my parents’ home, a large clearing in my life occurred. It was painful, scary, a bit agonizing, and in the end, a blossoming blessing and incredible intuitive download of information. Now I’m simply honoring the process.

In the span of a week in January the following events occurred:

  • I came down with a 3-day agonizing flu where my dreams took me to places of forgiveness and reconciliation for family situations from childhood.
  • My roommate was laid off from his job, and without notice – LEFT to return to upstate New York.  He called me from Chicago on his way home.
  • I had to borrow money from family to pay my February rent for my apartment.
  • After my illness, my chronic allergies had lifted (as of this writing, it has been over a month since I’ve had to take any allergy medications, which I relied upon previously).
  • My hair started regaining it’s auburn pigment.
  • I was hired at the Tennis Desk at the gym I frequent.  This came with a free membership to the fitness center and 15%-25% off all services.
  • I started another part-time job with Instacart, which turned into an almost full-time job for me (and I find that I LOVE the work of shopping and delivering groceries for others!)
  • I created a healing and meditation room in the empty bedroom in my apartment

After seeing that financially, I was turning around and being fulfilled with what I was doing, I decided to reduce my client load in my web design business by 75%.  I kept only 8 clients (!!) – the ones I deeply loved working with.

And I’m now making enough money to live comfortably – with income that feels very predictable and reliable.  THIS has been the biggest change of all!

Fast forward to a few days ago.  Rita Roberts and I have been pondering a concept introduced by Jason Estes of the “Sacred Fire” event that may now be happening.  In this time, many things are “burning away” and a new authenticity begins to form.

For me, through listening to my guides and intuitive connection to Love/Source/God, I kept getting the message to RETIRE.

“People know who you are.  You have put yourself ‘out there’ ENOUGH.  We’re all adults.  They will come to you if they want, but you should not concern yourself any longer with anyone else but YOU.  Your healing work is now primarily YOUR WORK for YOU.”

And guess what?

When I heard that, and fully felt the message, a full-body feeling of EASE came over me.

So.. for all of you reading… I’m officially RETIRED.  I won’t be marketing ANYTHING to you anymore (except perhaps for the work that Rita Roberts and I do for CosmicFixer or Love Economy Press).  You may call upon me if you like, and I may provide a co-creative service, but my effort is now finished.

I won’t be growing my web design business.  In fact, I’m assuming that in the next year, I’ll become even smaller while still serving a few clients whom I completely love.  My healing room will be primarily for me, and it will be dedicated solely for soul-level work.

I’m not leaving you.  I plan to blog and also stay in touch from time to time, but mainly to simply share my experience.  As we all travel inward, perhaps something will spark you in a dream that may lead you to inquire with me.  I’d like that.. as THAT level of marketing and referral is what I so am looking forward to.  God and the Universe are wiser than all of us, and I leave it in their hands now.

I wish you all the greatest journey as I explore this “new kind of quitting” – Retirement!