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Free Oracle Card Reading Day!!
Dec 17 all-day

Join me on Sunday, December 17 for an ALL DAY video reading event!

Simply go to my website or my booking site on the 17th, and you’ll see a link on the right on how to get your free 3-card reading. I’ll be reading from the Indigo Angel Oracle, The Greenwood Tarot, and the Power of Surrender Cards. You’ll receive an email with a unique link to your video reading!

Here’s a video to learn more!

My booking site:

Journey Into Dreams @ ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center
Jan 9 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Meetup Event – Spirit Chats
(Apple Valley, MN)

Hosted by Cindy Locher and Scott Schumacher

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A night of sharing our nighttime dreams and what we think they might mean for us – hosted by Scott Schumacher of

We’ll break out the crayons and markers to “draw out our dreams” then share them in a group environment according to the “Lightning Dreamwork” model by Robert Moss. Tips on journeying back into a dream, keeping a dream journal, and an enlivening discussion about what we think our dreams mean will ensue!

Are they simply the “defragmenting of our subconscious hard-drives” or do they mean something? Are some dreams divinely guided? Is the astral world where our dreams take place, in fact, a real realm?