Reiki Teaching

In addition to giving Reiki Sessions, I also teach Reiki as a Reiki Master.

Reiki is a healing system that is passed down through a “master” or teacher, to a student, through the process of “attunement”- the transfer of energy from master to student and initiation or ignition of energy of the student. Each student is “attuned” to Reiki according to the system which their master has learned.

Today, there are hundreds of variants of Reiki, but most have a system of learning in levels or “degrees.” When a student comes to learn Reiki from me, there are three distinct degrees or levels of training. I offer all three degrees of teaching in the form of personal mentorships, group classes, and often online and in-person “blended” learning classes. I am very flexible, and will also sometimes consider distant attunements for the right students.

Reiki Level I – The First Degree

You will learn:
The History and Definition of Reiki
The Chakras and Human Energy System (an overview)
Reiki and Hand Positions for Self-Healing
Reiki and Hand Positions for Healing Others
Group Guided Meditations on Healing
The Principles of Reiki
Ethics of Bodywork
The Reiki First Degree Attunement

Reiki Level II – The Second Degree

You will learn:
A review of Healing Others with Variations
The Reiki Breath, Body Scanning, and Reiki with the Eyes
The first three Symbols for use with Reiki
Reiki Distant Healing Techniques
Setting up a Reiki Practice
Group Distant Healing Meditation
The Reiki Second Degree Attunement

Reiki Level III – The Master Degree

You will learn:
How to create a Reiki Healing Grid
Working with crystals, stones, breath, and the voice
The path of a Reiki Master (discussion)
Integrating Reiki into one’s life (discussion)
Reiki for Forgiveness and Reconciliation
The Reiki Master Symbol
Reiki Master Attunement
How to teach and attune others

If you are interested in Reiki mentorship, please contact me to discuss details. I will often offer classes locally in the Twin Cities Metro and outlying areas of Minnesota. I am open to traveling to teach if a class is organized or sponsored by an individual or group. If you organize a course for me to teach with 5 or more participants, I will waive the course cost for you as the organizer!