Join the Spirit Chats Meetup Group!

I wanted to happily and proudly announce that my great friend, Cindy Locher, founder of and I have combined efforts and have created a local Meetup group we call “Spirit Chats.”

As of this writing, the Meetup group is only a few days old, and we’ve signed up over 20 new members!  Apparently there are many spiritual seekers in the South Metro of the Twin Cities.

We’ve started off with a bang, scheduling two great upcoming programs.  In December, Cindy will host a night of Protecting Your Energy & Creating Boundaries. Following that, in January, Scott (me) will be hosting a Journey Into Dreams mini-workshop.

All Spirit Chat meetups are FREE!

We plan to offer a monthly meetup, currently at the ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center office in Apple Valley, MN.  However, with the first wave of signups, we’re both thinking that we may outgrow this space fairly quickly.

How’s that for an accelerating spiritual Universe?

If you live in the Twin Cities and surrounding area, we’d love for you to join us!

Join the Spirit Chats Meetup Group here!

Take the Paranormal Pledge with me!

I’ve been very inspired by the work of Heidi Hollis, founder of, in her efforts to “get people talking” about their paranormal experiences.  I’m in total agreement with Heidi.  We should all take the pledge to tell at least one person about our paranormal experiences, as there is much we can learn from one another by “bringing things into the light” and sharing with one another.

So raise your right hand and speak the following:

“I PROMISE to speak to at least one person in the near future about the paranormal or supernatural experiences I’ve had in my life.”

There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

In light of this, I wanted to share with you some of MY most memorable supernatural or paranormal experiences from childhood to early adulthood.  Here we go!

Age 4 – sometime around Christmas time I was awakened in the middle of the night because there was actually a thunderstorm happening with lots of thunder and lightning.  I was drawn to get up out of bed and walk toward the Christmas Tree in the living room.  Maybe it was Christmas Eve, I don’t remember the date.  But as I walked into the living room to look at the tree, I remember a huge clap of thunder and lightning.  As the lightning struck, I remember literally flying across the room and seeing everything in bright rainbow colors that I’d never seen before, and feeling like I was flying back to my room – like I was at the top of the ceiling.  I remember waking up the next morning laying in bed on top of my covers, thinking that it was odd that I wasn’t tucked under my blankets.  It was only until I was well into my 30s after reading others’ experiences, that I felt that perhaps I was actually struck by lightning.  After this experience however, I feel like the roots of my “independent-strong-willed-child” disposition (that I’ve carried well into my adulthood to now) and my more intuitive nature began.

Age 4 – 8 I had a few recurring dreams that I distinctly remember having MANY times in early childhood.  One of being in a large pit where dead bodies were stacked upon one another.  I was a living being however.  I would always wake up terrified after seeing another body fall into the pit and impact atop the stack of bodies.  Another recurring dream was of a girl with red hair turning into a cheeta and growling at me.  The other recurring dream was of me walking through a thick forest, then seeing a green “light being” appear who would watch me.

Age 5 – I have a strange memory of a possible traumatic death from a car accident.  The car accident did actually happen, but my memories do not match up with the events.  My father was driving, and apparently a man on a tractor in rural Iowa pulled out in front of the car, causing us to hit him, crunching the entire front end of the station wagon.  My memory, from being in the back seat was that at the point of impact, I saw my father crash forward in front of me, then slam back on his seat, and many long rivers of blood came over the back of the seat.  I then blacked out most likely for many hours.  I remember waking up at a gas station, seeing my mother, and asking her what happened.

“Your Grandma’s coming to get us.  Everyone is all right.”

No one had a scratch, and my father was just fine.  We do still have pictures of this car crash.

In my 20s I had a dream about this accident and then waking up in the same gas station, only to see a mangled body across the room, and my mother was behind me saying, “Over there is your old body.  We had to get you a new one.”

Age 6 – I met witches on my walk home from school in First Grade (my school was in the neighborhood).  We lived in a small Iowa town then (Nevada, IA).  On this walk home from school, two teenage girls walked with me for a while, and they told me “We’re Witches!”  “We can fly!”  As we were approaching my house they told me to go into the back yard and watch them fly over the neighbor’s rooftop.  I stood out in the back yard for maybe 5 minutes and then I saw each of these girls JUMPING over a roof (yes as if they were jumping over a hurdle in a relay race!), and landing on the ground behind bushes nearby.

Age 6 – Near abduction and a “soup dinner” in an abandoned house.   A friend of mine at school convinced me to get a ride home from school with his sister and her boyfriend.  They drive all over town before dropping me off at home.  I hear the girl say to her boyfriend who is driving, “I know you think he’s special and gifted, but we just can’t take him.”  A few days later this same school friend invites me to a house in the neighborhood for dinner with other kids.  It wasn’t very far, so I walked with him to the house, where an old woman was feeding maybe a dozen kids my age.  Tomato soup and crackers was all she served, and I did not like tomato soup, so I said I couldn’t eat it, and left to go home.  A couple of days later I told my mom about the lady who served soup to kids in the neighborhood.  We took a walk to the house, only to find that it was completely abandoned with windows cracked and broken. A large, old, broken, and dusty table and chairs could be seen through the front window.

Age 15 – October 12, 1984.  I am asleep and in a dream I experience a HUGE explosion (in the dream it seemed like a nuclear bomb as it was huge and loud and echoed all through my body).  In the dream I see a beach and some dune-buggies driving away quickly down the beach away from the explosion).  I wake up and see that the time is 3:10am.  The next day in the newspaper, I read of the Brighton Hotel Bombing in Brighton, England, where Margaret Thatcher was staying.  The newspaper I was reading reported the time of the bombing at approximately 3:09am on the 12th.  The town of Brighton, East Sussex lies right along the coast, and the hotel overlooked the beach.

Age 16 – I see a possible UFO.  My father and I are up late one summer night watching a movie on Cinemax (back in the early days of having Cable TV, MTV, etc.).  The power in our house and in all of the block goes out, and out our window in the sky we see a flashing red light blinking and descending in the sky, making a kind of “jingle bell” sound as the light blinked.  Once the “craft” or “light” stopped blinking and appeared that it landed about a mile away, our power came back on.

Age 18 or 19.  A bunch of friends and I were experimenting with energy fields and feeling the energy in our hands in the dark.  This turned into a more spooky experiment where we would play this “hand/energy game” and try to “take others’ energy” and push people away with just our energy fields.  One night when I was playing this game with friends, I decided to pull in all energy of love during the game. When I was putting my hands up to another friends hands, I looked into her eyes with this energy of total love in my heart.  She pulled away almost terrified, and later told me that when she looked at my eyes, she saw beams of white light coming out of my eyes.

Age 18 – I “felt” my first spirit of a person who was dead pass through me.  My friend Lisa, who was 16, died in a car accident tragically.  She actually had a huge crush on me while I was dating another girl (yes I dated girls then!).  After her funeral and burial, maybe a week or more after her death, I visited her grave to leave a flower and to tell her that I was so sorry.  After I visited the grave, and when I got back into my car, I felt this energetic breeze flow around and through my body, and there was an distinct smell of Lisa on my skin and around me, and I knew she was present.

I’ve had many more experiences – perhaps more than I can count or remember.  I’ve had “ghosts” or unknown entities scratch my leg in an old house in Fridley, Minnesota.  A strange, short being was thrown against a wall, out of the bed, by my then sleeping partner (who has no recollection of this).  Moreso lately, I have vivid dreams that often manifest in strange ways in the waking world.

In all, I believe we all should start talking to one another about these experiences.  I believe we may find that these “paranormal” experiences may be quite “normal” for everyone.

Oh..and did I mention I also snapped a picture of a possible Sasquatch/Bigfoot entity in 2008?  That one will have to wait, however.  it merits its own blog post (or more).

Leave a comment below if you’d like to share an experience!



Live Webinar on Halloween Night!

As I ramp up my offerings on Northern Druid, I wanted to share an evening of Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, and other various Oracle Decks that I read from.  What better evening than Halloween night to share these things!?

I’ll be hosting a FREE live video webinar where I will do readings, show many of the card decks I use (in particular the very RARE Greenwood Tarot), and talk about Halloween and the Celtic cross-quarter holiday of Samhain (pronouced Sow-uhn).

Bring your questions for the cards and your curiosity.  The webinar will take place over Zoom from 8pm to 10pm (Central Time) on Halloween Night (October 31).  Come for the entire webinar or drop in at any time after the start to join us!

Registration is required, and space is limited to 100 participants.

You may register for the live event here:

I hope to see you all on Halloween!!

Samhain is Coming!

How Channing Tatum beat up my Victim

Yes, you heard that correctly! I wanted to share a very pivotal dream I had some months ago which more than solidified my love for angels, and also propelled me significantly on a big healing journey.

In my early-morning dream, the scene fades from all white, and brings into focus a teenage boy. The boy is half lying on a long sofa, and is wearing a kid’s “Sheriff Hat” while he sits toiling and complaining. The boy looks at me, then turns away, reclining and mocking me. He’s the king of his castle. He plays video games, watches TV, and tells others what to do. When he doesn’t get his way he explodes into anger.

The boy has an angry outburst and screams for me to leave. Commands me, really.

Just then, a man dressed in what appears to be renaissance leather armor walks from behind me, approaching the boy on the sofa. To me, this man looks just like the actor, Channing Tatum, only he had tattoos of wings and trinity symbols on his arms. He is a courageous and holy man, yet a warrior as well.

He then begins punching this boy in the sheriff hat until the boy’s screams stop, and he sits up on the sofa, then begins to look at me. The boy is defeated and silent.

Then Channing Tatum, the angel, approaches me and holds out his hand to touch my stomach, right under the naval. It was as if an electrical current came into my body in an instant!

“You’re now in control. Your victim is at bay,” stated this Angel.

I awoke instantly, feeling more refreshed from sleep than I had in months.

After journaling about this dream and speaking to others, it is my impression that this was a dream visitation by Archangel Michael. Now, whether you believe angels are real or not, stick with me. Michael is considered the protector and warrior Angel, who often appears to be very knightly, strong, gallant, and almost “super-human” in strength. Why he appeared as Channing Tatum in my dream, I have no idea. Perhaps it was an image I could understand. I think it worked well, at any rate.

Ever since this dream, I have come to a greater understanding of how in the past I would lash out as my “victim” toward any conflict or disagreement I might have had. Whenever a perceived injustice would happen, I would lead from “my victim” to counter-attack.

“How could they do that? How dare they disrespect me? They hurt me so bad and I’m forever angry!”

My victim would resort to name-calling, manipulating, or lashing out when others shared an opinion I didn’t share. I would throw my political opinions around and act very self-righteous. I made immediate enemies, and I held on to resentment, hurt, and anger, thinking that I was “right” – or better, “justified” for doing so.

My victim was hurting me. This “kid on the sofa” kept me from forgiving others. I listened to him instead of allowing Love and Acceptance to overflow my heart. He kept me from seeing everyone I met in my life as a reflection of the Divine. My victim assisted me in sewing the seeds of distrust and skepticism with the many folks I had come to know. He would whisper in my ear that “They don’t really care about you.” and “Soon you’ll have the rug pulled out from under you.”

But after this dream – after Angel Michael/Channing beat up my victim, forgiveness began to flow in. I started to understand how Grace could come into my life, and how I could turn away from a mentality that is so strongly reinforced by the culture we live in. The “professional victim” is always discriminated against, always suffers injustice, always becomes jealous of others’ achievements, always protests, always name-calls, and uses language and tools of the culture to manipulate, discredit, and attempt to ridicule others.

A River of Grace started flowing in me when my victim was defeated.

Just as Michael came to beat up MY victim, I want to encourage you all to call upon him to defeat yours. I personally do not “worship” angels, but I believe that they exist for us communicate to directly. Maybe Angel Michael will visit as Channing Tatum for you, or perhaps someone else. Who knows really? But I also encourage you to look closely at the points in your life where your “victim” is speaking through you.

Do you feel the need to discredit someone for an opinion or political belief? Do you find yourself using namecalling like “teabaggers” or “liberal wackos” or the like? Are you secretly at odds with a neighbor because they are against (or support) gay marriage or they don’t hold a viewpoint that you think is obviously “right”? Do you hold on to anger and resentment instead of turning to forgive and sew the seeds of Belonging?

If so, I think it’s time your victim was pummeled and you took control!

Blessings to you all. Know that you are loved!

A Tale of Two Shamans

Since re-acquainting myself with The Greenwood Tarot, I’ve been struck by the many contrasts between this now rare deck, and the “sequel” deck of The Wildwood Tarot.  Both the images and the placement of The Shaman card in each deck can tell a compelling comparative story!

I absolutely love both cards.  In Will Worthington‘s interpretation of The Wildwood, we see a dramatically powerful and seasoned shaman who is actively journeying, and may as well hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign upon the tree limb above him.  He’s busy at work, actively doing what needs to be done as he journeys to the middle-world for healing answers and insights.  We can see that he’s a seasoned shaman.  He’s old, and sports a wispy white beard.  His bony fingers clutch his staff.  He’s somewhat “away from society” – working diligently in solitude.

Chesca Potter’s shaman of The Greenwood Tarot is a masterpiece of subtlety.  This shaman looks us in the eye with a very non-threatening gaze of neither excitement nor discontent.  We’re met with this open and neutral gaze from someone of an ambiguous age and gender.  Perhaps she is a two-spirit priest who embodies and walks between both genders.  They wear the cloak of what could be a bear’s skin, but again, the coat is ambiguous.  In this ambiguity, perhaps this shaman can easily slip between worlds, and possibly go largely unnoticed while walking through the waking world.  There’s a kind of humbleness about this shaman – a certain feeling of accessibility.  Perhaps they are a frequent visitor, neighbor, or trusted member in the community.  Yet, there is much mystery.

To add to the contrast between these shamans (I had to actually look up the plural of shaman, finding it to be “shamans” and not “shamen”), where they appear in their corresponding tarot decks, I believe, is of great significance, and perhaps importance.

In The Wildwood Tarot, our “Father Time” and secluded shaman appears as the second card in the deck, preceded only by The Wanderer (the Fool Card in The Wildwood).  Not only is this shaman placed in the traditional spot of “The Magician” as in the traditional tarot system, authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews offer compelling reasoning for The Shaman to be placed second.  In summary, in order to walk within the worlds of The Wildwood, we should become like The Shaman, and enter a journey into the imaginal, quantum-reality of the “middle world.”  We all become the shamans of our own journey in a very personal, trans-personal adventure through the forest of our dreams.  While in our “shaman state” we are introduced to archetypal figures and countless lessons.

In contrast, our androgynous shaman of The Greenwood Tarot appears as the TWENTIETH card in its system.  We encounter nearly the entirety of The Greenwood’s major arcana before the shaman appears, and we are guided by The Ancestor as the second card.  It is as if this shaman is being initiated, formed, and seasoned by the experiences and encounters along the path of The Greenwood.  In fact, the only cards remaining in the major arcana after The Shaman are The Star, The World Tree, and The Sun.  As a traveler in The Greenwood, we are guided through even The Guardian (the Devil card), The Lovers, and Death before The Shaman appears.  After which, we still experience all the questions and wonder of the nature of the labyrinth of The World Tree and the energy of the heavens, The Sun, and the stars at night.

In things pertaining to Druidry and Faith, at least in my own experience, this contrasting idea continually plays out.  We most definitely are druids, shamans, priests, and practitioners of our own spiritual practice.  We take away what is “our experience” in the world, and often times need to put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign to others while we do our work, learn, and hone our craft or develop our spiritual gifts.  There are many times where we must shut out the distractions of the waking world and let it have its own “circus of monkeys” which we will not take part.

Conversely, while a solitary path has strong merit, there is value in the more “seasoned and recognized” path, where we have previously met our challenges, have lived and loved and lost, faced our own demons, and have welcomed change.  In some cultures, a shaman is “recognized” by their community first and foremost.  This shaman is ordained, initiated, and works for the betterment of their community.  This shaman needs to remain open to others and to draw from their vast wisdom and experience.

As I stated previously, I absolutely love both of these cards.  There is beauty in their difference, and they help to form this conversation of “What is a Shaman?” , “What is a Druid?”, and “What qualities should they possess?”  It would be completely presumptive of me, and frankly “above my mortal pay-grade” to offer up one paradigm over another as “superior” or somehow more valued.  But the questions as we study, journey, or wrangle with spirituality can be rich and golden.  I find the questions in the “thin spaces” to be just as inspiring as the answers I receive.

I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on this!  Which shaman do you like best?  Which resonates more with your own spiritual practice or ethos?  Feel free to comment or write to me!


On Ancestors and Lineage

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I often have a rebellious desire to toss away tradition, dogma, initiations, and ideas of “lineage” – in aspects of healing, spirituality, faith, and Druidry.  I’m often the one who says “beat your own drum” and become a trail-blazer.

But something new has struck me it seems.

Perhaps it was a webinar I recently attended, where Phyllis Furumoto (the granddaughter to Hawayo Takata – bringer of Reiki to the west) addressed the topic of Lineage.  I’m following Phyllis a lot these days as she’s also on a “reconcilliation path” within the Reiki community. In this webinar, she both honored those who created new forms of Reiki, as well as kept close to her, this idea of “lineage” – where the energy has come from, and those who have passed it down to you.  Because she feels that Reiki is mostly a “folk practice” of healing, she values the role that an ancestor or “Reiki-Master-Before-You” has played in order to present to you your distinct “flavor” or variation of Reiki.

A lineage gives her perspective, which leads to wisdom.  This notion seemed to hit me quite viscerally lately.

Also this week, I received my much coveted tarot deck, The Greenwood Tarot in the mail.  This is the rarest of the rare of Tarot decks, being out of print since 1996.  I owned a copy of this deck previously, but then sold it when I decided that I would “go out on my own” and forge new roads spiritually.  The money I gained from the sale lasted briefly I’m sure, and for years I didn’t pay much attention to the idea of finding it again.  But now that I’m “returning” so to speak, I was simply CALLED to find it again, and find it I did – for about the price I sold it for years ago.  I also should note that the cards, once i received them, seemed largely untouched, and they were still IN ORDER according to the card system, and had never been shuffled.

One of the aspects of this deck in particular, is the distinct order of cards as compared to a standard tarot deck (not to mention that it’s all very pre-Celtic and Forest themed).  So, if you know anything about the Tarot, you know that The Fool is the first card – representing the one taking a journey in to the unknown.  They take a “leap of faith” off the mountaintop, jumping off headlong, hoping that their net will appear.  Then, often the next card in a Tarot deck is The Magician, and in similar forest decks, this is denoted as “The Shaman” or “walker between worlds.”  This magical realm brought about by the Magician, or journeyed to by the Shaman, sets the stage for one’s journey into what the cards wish to teach us.

In The Greenwood Tarot however, the second card after The  Fool is “The Ancestor” (pictured at the top of this post).  This ancestor stands between two birch trees, beside the tracks of the Caribou who have traveled the land in this pathway since they began to dwell on Earth (by the way, woodland deer and caribou are considered to be some of the most ancient forest mammals on the planet).  The Ancestor illuminates this path of footprints while healing light beams down onto her from the heavens or from some kind of Source.  She carries a drum, which to me represents her “craft” or purpose (as in “beating ones own drum”), but she makes sure to show you the path where others have tread.

And the idea that THIS CARD is placed prominently at the beginning of the “fools journey” – BEFORE The Magician/Shaman goes into a meditative state, or “The Shimmering” as they say in Celtic lore – seemed to open a new doorway in my mind about this “lineage thing” I’ve often poo-pooed.

Myself, I have an unknown “ancestor” in my family tree to thank for my re-discovery of Celtic Spirituality.  Tracing back my own ancestral lineage to the clans of Scotland and then to Columcille and the Isle of Iona gave me a profound new connection to a Spirituality that I only dabbled in, that had a “weaker cohesiveness” to put it mildly.  Sure, I was beating my own drum, but I discovered a greater inner depth and reunion by following the physical and energetic “lineage” of those who came before me on one branch of my family tree – my Tree of Life.

Back to the “light coming from Source” idea for a bit.  In the traditional Usui Reiki, the predominant story is that Mikao Usui (the founder of our system of Reiki in the west), climbed to the top of Mount Kurama in Japan to meditate until he was “near death” or perhaps when he had “died to his Earthly desires.”  After 21 days, the story goes that a “great beam of light” came down upon him, and he was shown symbols and this system of Reiki – the channeling of Ki, or Universal Life Energy.

Source, or God, or Light (whatever name you wish to attach) is the infinite well of this Energy, beaming down upon us all.  But those who carry the Light have the great task in front of them to share it with others, and have their “systems” or “songs of their drums” passed down to others.  So I’m finding that this “lineage thing” may very well be VERY IMPORTANT.  In fact, science is now showing us that our very cells emit photons and that we essentially “project light” in our day to day living.

This is quite a change for me.  No, I’ve not been abducted by some alien force and a clone is not now speaking through this blog post.  I feel that this is a very transformative notion for me at this time, and that something has changed in me.  This is new and uncharted territory.

So many lessons seem to be presenting themselves to me, and all at this present time.  There was a BIGGER reason for me to spend the money on The Greenwood Tarot, to meet this Ancestor, who showed up to illuminate the path of others’ footprints – those who have gone before me in the great Story of this mythical forest of the heart, mind, and soul.  There is a BIGGER reason why I’m paying more attention to the words and ideas coming from Phyllis Furumoto.

I’m not entirely sure what this “bigger reason” is entirely, or what’s unfolding out in front of me (maybe I’m not meant to fully know yet), but the path is becoming much more interesting!

Thanks for listening!


What a Journey it has Been

Where to begin?

Perhaps just the present moment.

Right now as I write this, I feel I am in a “Perfect Moment” where I feel integrated and at peace.  Feeling this peace has been a process over the last year for me.  It’s been a process of grief, joy, freedom, struggle, acceptance, reconciliation, and return.  Yes – “return” is a great word for “right now” in this moment.

Many of you are seeing this Northern Druid website and blog for the fist time, and to you I say, “Welcome!”  I hope that I can be of great service to you with the ideas and information I share!

Some of you too will remember that this website was quite active from 2009 to 2014, but then it vanished, or forwarded to another site I called “A River Between.”  I still have that website, but it too will be shifting a bit in the coming months.

Re-launching Northern Druid is a return and a re-integration of many parts of myself, and a re-dedication to this more complete integration.  After a lot of time and contemplation, as well as “perspective” – I have come to a place where I feel more comfortable “walking between worlds” as some may say.  In 2014 I began a re-examination of my Christian roots and did a lot of work in healing my own past anxieties about faith and religion.  Through that process, I also made a lot of other discoveries that helped me bridge back once again and connect with my more “Druid Path” as well.  Finding out that I had a relative from Scotland in the mid-1700s with ties back to Columcille (Saint Columba), who was known as a “friend to the Druids” definitely helped.

Then “the longing” became ever present again.  This is a concept that Frank MacEowen describes in his book, The Mist Filled Path, that is such a part of the heart of Celtic Spirtuality.  This longing most likely came at a time that I needed it most, as many changes have happened to me in the past year.

Let me catch you up.  In the past year:

  • I divorced from my partner, Michael, whom I was with for 11 years (married legally for 3).
  • I actually FINISHED my Master of Arts degree in Human Development.
  • I won the Outstanding Final Paper Award for the Graduate College for my paper, “A River Between:  Scandalous Learning, Grace, and Creative Recovery” (I’ll share it here – be patient!).
  • I moved back to Northfield, Minnesota – the town I loved and lived in from 2004 to 2008.
  • I grieved my loss – tremendously.  After that, a wave of acceptance and freedom began washing over me.
  • I changed my diet and lifestyle, and lost 60 pounds (so far).  Weighing in at 318 at the end of November (the day the divorce was final), I’m now about 33 pounds from my goal weight of 225 (I’m 6’2″ tall so this is very reasonable).
  • I started playing tennis, practicing Yoga, and lifting weights regularly.
  • I began to read my Tarot and Angel Card decks again.
  • I found a seller on eBay, who provided me with The Greenwood Tarot deck for a very reasonable price (I had previously sold my copy of this deck in 2013).
  • I healed.  Through all the grief, change, uprooting, and “trusting” of a process where I had no idea where I would land – I healed (and I’m not sure I’ve even landed yet).

Before and After

As I listen to the recordings of previous podcasts that I produced here, I realize that I’ve always been propelled by change.  This past year was CHANGE (in all capital letters)!

Bringing Northern Druid back and breathing new life into the website and this “persona” (for lack of a better term) was borne out of my trusting a process.  The website seems to be writing itself once again.

I make no guarantees or promises on the content of this site, if I’ll create a new podcast, or how I’m going to go about any “plan” for Northern Druid.  It’s unfolding in the moment, just as I am.  I’m trusting the process, and I’m so grateful to you, dear reader, that you’re coming along with me.

I hope you enjoy the content on as it evolves!  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to be of service to you.  I deeply mean that.  We’re at a time where the world needs service, and for people to step into new processes to “be the change” that is so needed.  I’ll step up how I can.  I hope you’ll join me!

May the Forest be with you.  May God bless you.  Merry Well and Merry Meet.

I’ll see you while I “walk between”…