About the Recording

This recording was actually made in 2009 and was first offered as a conference call meditation/activation.  Surprisingly and pleasantly, the alignment of the phases of the Moon in 2009 are similar to those in 2017.  As NorthernDruid.net is relaunched, I found it appropriate to release this as a free recording.  Please use it in whatever spiritual framework you wish, whether it be to continue and deepen your practice, or simply use the images as a journey into archetypal and imaginal spaces.

An interesting fact:  This recording and the labyrinths described are based on the labyrinths constructed at a place called Wasafarm, in Northern Minnesota.  Before my divorce, I was a frequent visitor, often caretaker, and collaborative labyrinth builder and maintainer on the land.  Myself and my then partner and roommate in 2009 actually traveled this journey physically on the land near the time of Samhain.

I hope you enjoy the recording!

-Scott Schumacher

*Background music by Kathy McTavish.