I’ve always been a believer in autodidactic, or self-directed learning. I’ve carved much of my academic learning as an “autodidactic unschooler” – drawing my learning from my daily living experiences. I’m a life-long and very non-traditional learner. You’d have to place my checkbook in a block of cement and hide it from me to keep me from continuing my education with other courses, workshops, and even academic degrees it seems.

There is no set “standard” curriculum, certification, or license to become a Spiritual Director. That said, I believe that my education and experience, as well as my own “self-authority” qualifies me to be the kind of Spiritual Director that I claim to be. I don’t practice outside of my wheelhouse, however my wheelhouse is vast.

I share the following credentials, learning activities, and self-study below so that I may communicate honestly and ethically what I believe are my qualifications in calling myself a Spiritual Director.

I am also a member of Spiritual Directors International (SDI) and abide by their professional Code of Ethics.

Ongoing “Cosmic Dialog” Companioning
Weekly Conversation practice and Spiritual Direction and Dream Companioning with Rita Roberts
December 2017 to present (Well over 100 hours and growing)

Master of Arts in Human Development
A self-designed program consisting of 80% independent study
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
October 2016

Outstanding Graduate Final Paper Award – 2016
College of Business and Technology Division
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
“A River Between: Scandalous Learning, Grace, and Creative Recovery”

Courses within the program:
Creativity and Holistic Health
The Process of Human Development
Psychological Transformation and the Spiritual Journey
Art and Spirit in Nature
Sustainability in Motion
Closing the School of Assassins (a Pilgrimage to the School of the America’s Protest)
Recovering the Sacred Northland
Introduction to Permaculture
Non-violent Communication
Ecoshamanism and Earth Healing
Earth Ethics for Holistic Healers
Unschooling and Educational Transformation
Unschooling Our Lives
Grace, Healing, and Faith
How can I keep from Singing?

Coaching and Related Certifications/Training
100 hour Certified Meditation Teacher – YogaMu
60 hour Certified Meditation Instructor (Insight/Western Techniques) – Aura Wellness Center
28-hour Coach Training Certificate – School of Coaching Mastery/Julia Stewart
Certified Spiritual Coach – iCoach University/Brandi Graves
Certified Assertiveness Coach – Doreen and Grant Virtue
Certified Angel Card Reader – Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine
80-hour Volunteer Crisis Counselor Training – Foundation II Crisis Center

Mentoring and Companioning Experience
Leaders for Social Change Summer Program Mentor – St. Olaf College (2009)
The Center for Sustainable Living – Intern Mentor (2008-2009)
People for Peace and Good Will Program Coordinator (2004 – 2006)
Starwalkers Intentional Living Community (Co-Founder) – Northfield, MN (2008)
Duluth Catholic Worker Hospitality Volunteer (2008-2009)
The Village School of Northfield – Technology Mentor (2006)

Ongoing Personal Study

Dream Navigation
Robert Moss Lightning Dreamwork
John Paul Jackson Spiritual Dreaming Approach
10+ years of Community Dream Sharing Group – Northfield, MN

Holistic Healing, Yoga, and Meditation Practice
Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner (1999 – Present)
Acupressure Bodywork – 100 hour certificate (2000)
Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Somatic Yoga self-study and practice
Insight Meditation practice
Lectio Divina Self-Study and Contemplation (Ignatian, Celtic, and other variants)
Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Applications

Paranormal Research
Historical Researcher – Twin Cities Paranormal Research & Investigation (TCPI) – 2013-2014

And..I also sing!

Classically Trained/Celtic Tenor
Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance