I thought I’d share great news with everyone! I’ve recently obtained another stand-alone deck of The Greenwood Tarot – meaning that with this 2nd deck, I’ll be reading from The Greenwood Tarot on a regular basis now, while archiving my complete box set. If you are at all a follower or collector of Tarot cards, you know that The Greenwood Tarot, being out of print and rare to find, is the “holy grail” of cards to own or collect. It’s not unusual to see a pristine, never-opened box set (cards, wheel of the year chart, and book), to sell for up to $1500 (US). On average, you can occasionally find these decks for between $400 – $600 or more.

To me, The Greenwood Tarot is both an investment as a collector, and also one of THE BEST cards to read. The images by Chesca Potter are evocative, and the system that was created was revolutionary in the Tarot-sphere at the time.

These 78 cards follow the Wheel of the Year in the Celtic calendar (Solstices, Equinoxes, and Cross-Quarter Holidays), and explore concepts of “pre-Celtic shamanism” with its images and themes.

I recently made a video where I talk about The Greenwood Tarot, compare its themes with the new Wildwood Tarot, and show many of the cards. I hope you enjoy it!