I get this question a lot when I send out my newsletter.

“Why an ‘Elf Report’?

Well..let me explain…

A few years ago I joined a Facebook group led by the author/artist SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy).  In one of her introductory classes, she spoke of accessing our “Inner Wise Self”.  Strangely enough, my ears simply heard the words, “Inner Wise ELF” – and so the Elf identity simply stuck with me.  While others were writing love letters from their Inner Wise Self, I was letting my Elf run free with words of wisdom and encouragement for me.

After a time sitting with this “Elf Persona”, I realized that this was NOT a toy-making elf.  Not at all!  My Elf embodied the more bolder and unique qualities of me, and assisted me in using and celebrating those attributes of my personality.  A seeker and keeper of knowledge and wisdom, an independent thinker, protector, lover of nature, dreamer, and quiet-yet-profound spirit.  We’ll add a bit of rebelliousness and mystery too…

I could feel all my feelings with my Elf.  The range of all of my emotions was completely accessible.  I didn’t have to be a little leprachaun nor a toy-factory worker for someone else’s workshop.  No…my Elf was an entrepreneur, a protector of the forests, and a keeper of ideas and philosophies that grew out of independence and love – DEEP LOVE.

So, you can see, that when I send out an “Elf Report” (my newsletter), that there’s a bit of a sense of a “Lord of the Rings” type of Elf, like those in “Middle-Earth”.  These Elves are keen warriors, psychics, wellness warriors, and masters of longevity and vitality (according to Tolkien, his Elves could defy age and could only be killed by violence).  As a guy who’s been on a holistic journey for now over 25 years, being antibiotic-free since 1996, with a view that “nature is my medicine” – I could really respect and form a kinship with these kinds of Elves.

From time to time I’ve toyed with the idea of much longer newletters or blog posts, akin to other more well-known Druids of our time like John Michael Greer or Ellen Evertt Hopman.  But, my political leanings are more of an independent nature (some of you may have noticed this), rather than sticking to just the “established” left-leaning checklists.  Whether others might view a different kind of “Elf Report” as either “more refreshing” or if it might get me kicked out of a few other “elf clubs” is something I ponder.  For now, this report is just simply about my experience, and the lighter truths that we all experience.

Someday my Inner Wise Elf will assist in me “really going there”.  I’m sure of it.

But for now, my Elf Report is in its infancy still, for my subscribers and clients.  But I can sense the pull of greater things.  The world may or may not be ready, but when does that stop an Elf?

All my love,